Our researches are based on the problems published by the digital and print media while the remaining are the common problems faced by the people and our planet regularly.

At first an R V P A (Researcher Visionary Predictive Analysis) is prepared, collected data and information are collated on existing problems and analytical research is carried out for the deeper understanding of the problem and for future requirement. Following are the simple research methods adhered.

A. Debate

B. Researcher Visionary Predictive Analysis

C. Data collection, analysis

D. Assessment

E. Case Studies

F. Possible Impacts

Descriptive, Quasi Experimental & Experimental, ethnography, Phenomenological & finally we get into the research FACT(Fact, Analysis, Case Studies & Theory) which leads us to the door of innovation.

RVPA 1 – Plastic Industry – Electricity-Airways

Project A. PWE: Plastic waste eradication. (Completed)

Project B. AWPGM: Thermal power generation with Alternate Materials. (Completed)

Project C. APTSLB: Alternate Power through Super Lead Batteries (On Process)

Project D. ESLPA : Emergency Safe Landing Parachute Systems (On Process)

RVPA 2 – Electronics-Organics-Chemical

Project A. EMDTE: Eradicate Mosquito borne disease through Equipment/devices. (Completed)

Mosquito Menace Malaria has killed several people in our country, men, women & children, followed by Chicken gunia, Dengue, total of _______ number Indians died due to this menace.

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Project B. EMDTC: Eradicate Mosquito borne disease through Chemical. (On Process)

Project A. EMDTO: Eradicate Mosquito borne disease through Organics. (On Process)

RVPA 3 – Petroleum-Food & Medicine

Project A. AFT: Alternate Fuel Technology (On Process)

Project B. NFO: Natural Food Oil (Looking for expertise)

Project C. ESD: Eradication of Skin Diseases (Looking for expertise)

RVPA 4 – Automobile-Petroleum-Industrial-Electricity

Project A. ACS: Coolers/Additional Air Condition systems. (On Process)

Project B. CRV: Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emission from Vehicles. (On Process)

Project C. CRM: Carbon Dioxide Recycling Material. (Looking for expertise)

RVPA 5 – Health Care

Project A. HWRC: Through Organic drink-National Cause.. (On Process)

Project B. IIS : Through Organic food-Global Cause. . (On Process)

Project C: NAMI: Global Cause. (Looking for expertise)

Project D: MB : Through Organic Drink-National Cause.. On Process

Project E: PCM: SIRC: Population Control methods – National/International Cause. (On Process)

RVPA 6 – Industrial-Home Appliances-Electrical-Electronic-Ministry

Project A. DWAMIBFC: Dish Washing Machines/Alternate Mixers/Iron Box/Fan/Cooler. (On Process)

Project B. MOPFI : Mechanically Operated Power Free Industries. (Looking for expertise)

Highly confidential. This project will be done with and for Govt. of India.

Project C. RHFPGT: Rain Water harvesting & Free Power Generation Technology. (Looking for expertise)

Highly confidential. This project will be done with and for Govt. of India.

Ministry of Defence-Finance-External Affairs

Project D. ATS – Banking Technologies (Looking for expertise)

Project E. DMCTII – Defence-Monitoring & Combat Technologies (Looking for expertise)

Project F. DN. (Looking for expertise)

Highly confidential. This project will be done with and for Govt. of India.