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While the research and innovations are on for 3 plus decade and a spark which started during childhood, the formation of actual research and its associates had started way beyond 15 years into various fields. Recognizing the value and importance of translating this research of “Vision to Reality” has taken 5 long years. Deeper understanding of research data, fundamentals and creation of something NEW has brought us today to a new world called “INNOVATIONS”.

Research To Innovation (Vision to Reality) (Research Innovation Project Accomplished )
RIPA 1 – Plastic Industry

Project A. PWETO: Plastic waste eradication through organics. (Completed)

The world of problems, right from large waste piling to its impact on land, Water, Animals, Oceans & Marine life across the globe is and was a caution! Our research was on the core objective that’s to eradicate the problem of Plastic completely, primarily to erase its DNA. This was a critical and very different subject with various aspects of study, research and finally an innovated and much waited “innovative formula – Named as “MBG-6” which converts any plastic and its related items to literally an “ASH” is done. Lion India Research Innovation Patent Number: _______________

All materials in this world are made up of one core material, one need to understand the one core to find alternate.

When a lot of problems arise, a part of thinking starts for which a solution arrives… Gopi

Plastic – Better Than Cotton Bags – Water Consumption Very High

Plastic – China Bans Import Worth USD 24 Billion

Plastic – Problems Bangalore

Plastic Problem – 26 K Tonne India – CPCB Survey – Union Environment Secretary Issues Guidelines Minimise Production & Use

Plastic Problem – waste Pile Up – European Union – China Bans Waste

Plastic Problem – Affecting 25% of Ground Water Across Globe

Plastic Problem – Banned-Single Use – Europe

Project B. AWPGM: Thermal power generation with Alternate Materials. (Completed)

While the Thermal power generation using coal is of conventional method compared to any other source of burning, coal availability and mining has its own impact on the earth. Over a period of time scarcity of coal may arise and thermal power plants may have to look into an alternate source for raw materials which may produce similar heat. India has approximately 900 plus power plants and depends on this raw material and alternatively Nuclear power plants contribution may not suffice the requirements. We have not explored any other options for decades apart from Solar Energy. “Make in India” economic booster, needs basics like additional power generation and water supply capabilities along with excellent infrastructure for global attraction. With several other problems we need to make many things to work to make “Make In India” work.

Lion India found this as a major deficiency for the country’s economic growth and started the research for alternate raw materials, right from natural resources to alternate or manmade resources and to our prediction we found an alternate to this natural raw materials and it happened to be a “Waste Across The Globe!”.
India has a power deficit and costing us Rs. 4,14800 crore per year, losing every year USD 68 Billion ! Its every Indians responsibility to ensure power is saved. We Lion India felt that there is a very need to save these Billions which is more than our defence budget. Our country slogan is “Power saved is power produced” we loved and converted it to “Waste used is Power Produced”. Lion India Research Innovation Patent Number: _______________

Waste impacts everyone and to the known, its economy and future, if not us, surely our children, so Re-Engineer to know... Gopi !

Power Generation Project-Thermal Power Plant Crisis

RIPA 2 – Electronics-Organics-Chemical

Project A. Eradicate Mosquito borne disease through Equipment/devices. (Completed)

Mosquito Menace Malaria has killed several people in our country, men, women & children, followed by Chicken gunia, Dengue, total of _______ number Indians died due to this menace. Globally in addition to Malaria with 400000 (Four Lakh deaths globally) most of them are children, Chicken Gunia, Dengue 128 countries, 3.9 billion people are at risk, 96 million cases estimated per year, 700000 (Seven Lakhs death annually), West Nile Virus, Zika, Japanese encephalitis, or St. Louis Encephalitis, La crosse encephalitis, Yellow Fever.
In addition other menaces are Lymphatic filariasis, Leishmaniasis, Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Gever, Chagas disease, Onchocerciasis, trypanosomiasis (human African sleeping sickness), plague, and schistosomiasis.

Mosquitos are killing people more than war in the battle field. World is truly facing in mosquito and insects born disease. The number of deaths annually is growing rapidly and needs better controlling methods and systems. It hurts to see the number of deaths, especially of those children. We decided to put an end to this to some extent. Most of the disease spread from one place to other through travellers. The most effected are the Drivers who travels from once place to other regularly, right from cars, trucks, buses, trains, ships, aircrafts even pilots & air hostess, none are spared. Airways even filed a case against blanket ban on spraying disinfectant in flight with honourable National Green Tribunal for justice.
What else can anyone do without a new INVENTION!
Lion India Research Innovation felt that this is the need of hour and started working on this project, this was also critical and extremely different subject keeping in view of the health condition of people and lives lost again and again knowingly that some more will die brings a pain in mind and heart. Deep analysis, research and possibility reducing mosquito bites were carried out, finally a much awaited solution and Device are Innovated Named as Mos–Quit-Now “RGL-15” which works in any environment without direct current. Excellent for travellers, drivers of Cars, Trucks, Trains, Ships, Aircrafts and above all can be carried out even outdoors, study rooms, library and to all place where you can and be used even at night times during power cut.
“When the world asks what else can be done, here we say one thing can be done, “Just take “Mos-Quit-Now” and remain safe””
Lion India Research Innovation Patent Number: _______________,

If one starts killing the other, sooner or later will be isolated, era of erasing will start for sure, until you find a way ....Gopi