Management Team

Gopinath I

Designation : Managing Director & Chief Innovation Officer

A post graduate with research and innovation as a passion from child hood especially school time onwards. He has carried out several researches in different domains across several industries. He has been awarded 11 consecutive times for process reengineering at SC. More than 20 years of experiences and is Director in several companies.

Pramila Maria Sequeira

Designation : Director

Pramila has raised from the ranks an Executive and is today Director at Lion India Research Innovation Pvt. Ltd. She has done her Masters in Business Administration. She has been working strategically improving company policies and procedures and strengthening the HR and Corporate affairs.
She has worked in companies like CPIL, Godrej, Equation and so on with more than 20 years of relevant experiences.

Shri. S Muthukrishnan

Designation : Associate Director Traditional Siddha General Practitioner

A multidisciplinary expertise with a vision of resolving many issues through medicines, dedicating his entire life for the betterment of people.

Paul Rajan

Deputy Designer

Rajan has been into automobile engineering from 20 years and is currently instrumental in all automobile and electronic projects. Right from designing of prototype machines and implementation of all engineering instruments. He contributes to the overall development of designing.

Dr. V S Ganapathi

Designation : President DAS, B.Sc, PGDCA, MA, M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry & PhD.

Dr. Ganapathi finds highest talent to fill key roles for companies operating across multiple versatile and disciplines in the innovative space. He has filled the positions that have contributed to many learners at the academic lines. We worked with leading organizations large and small, providing incredible support and non-stop commitment to growth needs.

Areas Of Expertise

Remarkably Planned and executed comprehensive organisational strategy to successfully explore growth. Worked closely with management, staff, and other entities to position the company for continued growth and organizational expansion. Analyse potential resource regeneration and other aspects to establish key factors and prime locations for strategic development of the establishment.

Prior to this he was instrumental in administration of two institutional centres: imparting education administers and directs all aspects of Educational institution planning/expansion strategies; ambition forward to new business. Development through in-depth analysis of the needs and requirements to promote growth and enhance revenue.

He has also worked as promoter and custodian of medical and technological publication unit and assume full responsibility for the strategic planning, development, operations, customer service, human resources, administration, and performance of the company.

Prior to this he has served several companies Analytical Chemist in Sanford Pharma Tech. Pvt. Ltd, Brindhavan, Alloys Ltd, Principal of SLDTTIC, Principal of Chaitanya College of Science & Management Studies, Founder of St. Angels D.ed. College, Group Administrator Rajara Mohan Roy College of Education & SVGN Group of Institutions.


1. As a free-lance writer: Wrote for 1 st Standard, 3 rd Standard, and 5 th Standard Books for New Age international Publishers, New Delhi.
2. Wrote 2 books in the regional language published through pooja publications, Bangalore

Rajesh Kumble Bhat

Designation : Business Head & P R O B A Law (Bachelor of Academic Law), L L B Hon’s, P G D P M & IR

Rajesh Bhat is a professional Law graduate from Mangalore University, Rajesh holds ‘ B A LAW ‘(Bachelor of Academic law), LLB (Hon’s), PGDPM & IR.

Rajesh is a multidisciplinary expert with 20 years of rich experience in labour, company and international law. He served as HR and in legal departments for leading companies like NS group of company, RGA Software Systems Pvt Ltd, SRS Travels and Logistics Pvt Ltd. With his qualification, experience, and refining skills in a new innovative and Research environment Mr. Rajesh has got talent in increasing employee retention by maintaining and attributing labour related issues in collaboration with the legal department.

As a business lead with endurance he has got passion for resource management. He is passionate to extend his support publication of world class books, related to science and technology.