Wisdom works for the world. We Indian researchers and innovators are working in multiple industry and domains for better country and world. India land of research and innovation has proved to the world that we have had the best of people in the past and paused a while. Through Lion India Research Innovation Pvt. Ltd we are back and all will witness the Research & Innovation across oceans and across the globe. We understand todays need and are Futurists, this makes us to innovate. Research and innovation were on for 3 decades it’s now the formation and results touching lives of the mankind in India and the globe. Our team comprises of Chief Innovation Officer, Scientist & Chief Advisors, Scientific Researcher & Advisor, Advisors, Chief Technology Officer, Project Creators, Innovation Officers, Business Head, Research Doctors & Engineers, Research Specialists, Technicians & Designing Staffs.

Every healthy, educated and talented human is an asset of the country and if lost to other country, then we lose treasure…… Gopi.

Many Indian treasures are in other country in many ways. Come let’s make our country better and serve the world with our wisdom.

Knowledge is supreme

Lion India Research Innovation is Knowledge Company with various expertise focusing in the areas of national and global cause, public problems which are common in nature. This may include you and us from a societal point of view. Every day you see, hear several problems and none to resolve. Problem may be small in nature but affecting several thousands and millions of people. If all of us expect others to solve our problems then who is going to solve these problems? India is a land of ideas and innovations right from 476 CE Shri Aryabhatta-Great Mathematician to Sir C V Raman, Dr. Homi J Bhabha, Sir M Visveswaraya, Sri Venkatraman Radhakrishnan, Sri S Chandrashekar, Sri Acharya J C Bose, Sir Vikram Sarabhai and till Sri APJ Abdul Kalam. We have to breed the chain of scientists with extraordinary DNA to make our country superpower.

We carried an attitude “if not us then who”, which resulted in Research & innovations. Want to be a part of our projects then write to us on WANTTOJOINPROJECT@LIONINDIARESEARCH.COM


Our researches are based on the problems published by the digital and print media while the remaining are the common problems faced by the people and our planet regularly.

At first an R V P C (Researcher Visionary Predictive Chart) is prepared, collected data and information are collated on existing problems and analytical research is carried out for the deeper understanding of the problem and for future requirement. Following are the simple research methods adhered.

A. Debate

B. Researcher Visionary Predictive Analysis

C. Data collection, analysis

D. Assessment

E. Case Studies

F. Possible Impacts


While the research and innovations are on for 3 plus decade and a spark which started in child hood in Bakery, the formation of actual research and its associates had started way beyond 15 years into various fields. Recognizing the value and importance of translating this research of “Vision to Reality” has taken 5 long years. Deeper understanding of research data, fundamentals and creation of something NEW has brought us today to a new world called “INNOVATIONS”.

Research To Innovation (Vision to Reality) (Research Innovation Project Accomplished )

RIPA 1 – Plastic Industry
Project A. PWETO: Plastic waste eradication through organics. (Completed)

The world of problems, right from large waste piling to its impact on land, Water, Animals, Oceans & Marine life across the globe is and was a caution! .....

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Project B. AWPGM: Thermal power generation with Alternate Materials. (Completed)

While the Thermal power generation using coal is of conventional method compared to any other source of burning, coal availability and mining .....

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RIPA 2 – Electronics-Organics-Chemical
Project A. Eradicate Mosquito borne disease through Equipment/devices. (Completed)

Mosquito Menace Malaria has killed several people in our country, men, women & children, followed by......

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We say that we have done good and great. Look at what all of them say.

Company name

We say that we have done good and great. Look at what all of them say.

Company name

Say so are for you to understand better, than the best what you heard, so keep knowing, hearing and learning….. Gopi


Gopinath I

Managing Director & Chief Innovation Officer

Pramila Maria Sequeira


Dr. Maruthesha Reddy M T

Professor & HOD at various colleges